Chomnita Arab Soap 100 Pieces


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This  safe to use purple lavender soap rejuvenates your skin, restores lighter areola and armpit skin color, reduces body and back acnes and whitens nipples to pinkish color. The soap works by restoring the skin by removing dead skin cells and replacing with new natural healthy softer skin.

Soap Characteristics
– Greatly reduces unpleasant body odors.
– Mitigates bacteria which are the main cause of skin problems.
– Rids dark skin areas around neckline, knee-cap and groin fold.
– Whitens armpits, arm folds, elbow, and joint folds.
– Removes dead skin cells.
– Reduces acne on the back skin. Mitigate acnes and rashes
– Prevents ingrown hairs.
– Anti-oxidant
– Restores skin moisture balance.
– Revitalizes skin complexion.
– No AHA in soap.
– Safe to use daily.
– No unsafe chemicals and does not wear off skin.


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